Data entry done fast and precisewith the power of AI

Cost-effectively, we process transport order documents faster and with the highest precision.


Be faster

Transport planners who use the DEA can process 50% more transport orders.


Flawless entries

Reduce manual input by 90% and achieve more accurate data entries.


Every document type

DigiTrans is plug-and-play and works with every document type and layout.


Document reader and data entry assistent

To set up the DEA, simply forward all transport orders to the data entry assistant. All messages received on that email address are processed automatically into a machine-readable file and send to your preferred TMS or ERP.
infographic data entry assistant
Data entry assistant

Check and validate your data in the DEA user interface

The data entry assistant application helps planners and dispatchers to quickly check and validate data before sending it to a TMS or ERP. With a user-friendly dashboard, you get an overview of all your transport orders and its status.

Revolutionizing data entry

Traditionally logistics make use of Electronic Document Interchange (EDI), Templating, or Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Our plug-and-play solution reinvents data entry with an intelligent classification of all fields for every document type and without any prior training.

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Any Data Assistant
to boost your day-to-day

We continuously develop new data assistants. If you have an idea for a personal assistant to increase your efficiency, let us know!
Planning Assistant

Get suggestions for a better planning

The planning assistant connects to any TMS and combines order information with fleet data. The system provides suggestions and warnings to map out the optimal planning.
Navigation assistant

Optimize your speed and arrive just in time

The navigation assistant calculates the optimal navigation speed for autonomous equipment. It optimizes the operations by reducing waiting times and fuel consumption.