The fastest document reader and data entry assistent in logistics

As an artificial intelligence company, we automate and process the data information flows in logistics. Cost-effectively, we process transport order documents faster and with the highest precision.

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Be faster

Transport planners who use DigiTrans can process 50% more transport orders.

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Flawless entries

Reduce manual input by 90% and achieve more accurate data entries.

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Every document type

DigiTrans is plug-and-play and works with every document type and layout.

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Data entry assistent for transporter orders

To set up DigiTrans, simply forward all transport orders to the data entry assistant. All messages received on that email address are processed automatically into a machine-readable file and send to your preferred TMS or ERP.
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Check and validate your data in the DEA user interface

The data entry assistant application helps planners and dispatchers to quickly check and validate data before sending it to a TMS or ERP. With a user-friendly dashboard, you get an overview of all your transport orders and it’s status.

Data entry assistant as a back-end service

The DigiTrans core has customizable algorithms applicable for software in logistics. Today the data entry assistant already functions as a back-end service for transport management systems and order management systems.

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Revolutionizing data entry

Traditionally logistics make use of Electronic Document Interchange (EDI), Templating, or Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Our plug-and-play solution reinvents data entry with an intelligent classification of all fields for every document type and without any prior training.

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We are DigiTrans

We are an artificial intelligence partner for companies active in logistics. We help our clients to reduce manual tasks and increase their productivity, enabling them to focus on their job.
DigiTrans is a spin-off of the University of Antwerp and Imec and has its roots in the department of Transport and Regional Economics and IDLab. This academic connection keeps us up-to-date on the latest innovations in logistics and technology.
In May 2021, we partnered up with Hakka. A digital service provider focused on logistics and founded by transporters. Together with Hakka, we can accelerate the development of our AI solutions.
Our goal is to eliminate all manual input in logistics, data entry mistakes, and allow our customers to focus on their core business.
We are DigiTrans

Meet the team

DigiTrans is a community of people with passion and expertise in technology and logistics. With Inuits as our technology partner, we can rely on 140+ technology experts for developing our solutions.
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Valentin Cârlan
Transport economist and engineer
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Wouter Hendrickx
Artificial intelligence specialist and developer
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Yannick Spillemaeckers
Digital Product Innovator
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Kris Kerremans
Entrepreneurship expert
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Peter Hellinckx
Advisor Artificial Intelligence
image team
Thomas Huybrechts
Advisor Artificial Intelligence
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Thierry Vanelslander
Advisor Logistics

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