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Custom data integration and processing services

DigiTrans provides back-end data processing services and connects to any IT system used in logistics. The uniform data layer of DigiTrans enables transport and logistics operators to have their data extracted from any IT system in operation and have it used in customized integration and/or optimization algorithms. The results of these algorithms can be can then be visualized, interpreted or pushed back to any other system. This data processing service provides planners and dispatchers the needed information to better plan and take decisions.

Logistics data middleware platform

DigiTrans combines data from order management systems, tracking or monitoring systems for trucks and trailers (on-board units), transport management systems, administration or accounting systems, to get companies complete insight in their operations and assets management. Furthermore, DigiTrans intelligence transforms raw data from adjacent applications in a standard format.

Add-on application provider

DigiTrans builds new advanced functionalities on top of existing IT solutions. The DigiTrans core disposes of customizable algorithms for routing applications, orders to vehicles assignments, assets or cargo traceability. The current limitations of existing software solutions are overcome and an endless range of application development is made possible. DigiTrans is the integration partner to solve logistics problems!

DigiTrans official press release

DigiTrans, together with UAntwerpen and imec, has put out a press release on 3 July 2019, announcing the official launch of the company as a spin-off. The full press release text can be found here.

Certified Pick up container at Port of Antwerp integration

The ‘Certified Pick up’ becomes mandatory in the beginning of 2021 at the Port of Antwerp. Certified Pick up is a central platform where real time information about container release is provided to the all interested parties in the supply chain. DigiTrans makes use of its knowledge and experience in software integration to stream this data to existing IT systems and to any stakeholder that would need to access it.

Our team

Valentin Cârlan

Manager - Sales

Wouter Hendrickx

Manager - Development

Peter Hellinckx


Thierry Vanelslander


Thomas Huybrechts


DigiTrans is a UAntwerpen and imec spin-off


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